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9 Tips to Keep Your Family Safe During Hurricane Season

Smart preparations help protect homeowners during peak hurricane season. Read the official press release for nine preparation tips.

STURBRIDGE, Mass. – Now through late October is considered peak hurricane season. Smart preparations beforehand can help keep your family and property safe during a hurricane. “Being prepared in advance and taking the appropriate actions to protect your family and property can help to prevent or mitigate injury or losses,” said Richard A. McGrath, President and […]

Hurricane Season is Flood Season

Hurricane Season is Flood Season

Coastal areas aren’t the only areas that experience the brunt of the strong winds and torrential rains of a hurricane or tropical storm. And with the hurricane season starting June 1, there is just one question left to ask. Are you covered? Eight out of the ten most expensive federally declared disasters were caused by […]

Even If You Live Inland in Massachusetts, Hurricanes Can Damage Your Property

By Richard A. McGrath, CIC, LIA That Hurricane Isaac was no Katrina is little consolation to the 13,000 homeowners whose homes were damaged or destroyed by the recent hurricane. Damages from Isaac could top $1.5 billion.  That’s small in comparison with Hurricane Katrina, which caused $81 billion in damages in 2005, according to the National […]

Natural disasters don’t necessarily have to be financial disasters

By Richard A. McGrath, CIC, LIA Recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, coupled with flooding throughout our own state of Massachusetts, provide reminders that natural disasters can strike anywhere, at anytime, and create billions of dollars in damages. Unfortunately, no one can predict when or where a natural disaster will strike.  And your homeowner’s insurance […]