7 Hurricane Preparation Tips for Your Business

7 Hurricane Preparation Tips for Your BusinessHurricane Joaquin made headlines earlier this week as the third storm of the Atlantic hurricane season. Although it’s unlikely that Joaquin will make landfall in the United States, the East Coast could still be impacted by the storm with coastal flooding and strong winds.

As we enter peak hurricane season, now is the time to update your business continuity plan. Business interruption after a disaster can cause reduced profits and customer loss, or even worse, cause your business to permanently shut down. Chubb offers these tips to help your business prepare for a hurricane:

  1. Ask your local emergency management office about community evacuation plans and purchase a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather radio.
  2. Establish warning, evacuation and facility shutdown procedures. Make plans for assisting employees who may need transportation.
  3. Make plans for communicating with employees’ families before and after a hurricane.
  4. Survey your facility. Make plans to protect outside equipment and structures.
  5. Make plans to protect windows. Permanent storm shutters offer the best protection, but you can also cover windows with 5/8″ marine plywood.
  6. Consider the need for backup systems:
    • Portable pumps to remove floodwater
    • Alternate power sources, such as a generator or gasoline-powered pump
    • Battery-powered emergency lighting
  7. Prepare to move records, computers and other items within your facility to another location.

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