2 Ways to Protect Yourself from a Personal Injury Liability Lawsuit

2 Ways to Protect Yourself from a Personal Injury Liability LawsuitWe live in a hyperconnected world. Social networking sites have forever changed the way we communicate with one another, giving us the freedom to voice our opinions across the web whenever we like. However, this way of communicating creates a new exposure for homeowners: personal injury liability.

There are consequences to the things we say or publish about a person, business, or organization. When our words go so far as to cause damage to a person’s reputation, then we can be held legally accountable for those statements. Is there protection against a personal injury lawsuit?

Although a standard homeowners policy does include liability protection, this only covers claims of bodily injury or property damage. A personal injury claim is considered a mental injury, and is typically characterized as libel, slander, or violation of privacy and integrity. There are two ways to seek out protection for personal injury claims.

  1. Personal Injury Endorsement: This endorsement can be added onto your homeowner’s policy to protect you against acts of libel or slander that are unintentional. Coverage is excluded if statements are made as part of your profession.
  2. Umbrella Policy: Since an umbrella policy doesn’t kick in until after the limits are met on your homeowner’s policy, you will also need to purchase a personal injury endorsement. However, keep in mind that not all umbrella policies protect against personal injury; be sure to speak with your independent agent before purchasing this coverage.

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*This article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as providing legal advice.