Distractology Returns to Sturbridge to Educate Drivers on Distracted Driving

Distractology Returns to Sturbridge to Educate Drivers on Distracted DrivingDistracted driving affects us all but is proving to be especially dangerous for new drivers. That’s why McGrath Insurance Group is teaming up with the Arbella Insurance Group Charitable Foundation, Inc. and the Sturbridge Police Department to help put an end to distracted driving.

We are pleased to announce that from Monday, May 18 through Friday, May 22, we will be hosting the Distractology 101 Tour. The training consists of two parts: hands-on learning in a driving simulator and a 15 minute online course. Teens will get a firsthand experience of how distractions interfere with their ability to react on the road, see hidden hazards and avoid accidents while safely behind the wheel of a driving simulator.

To register your teen for the Distractology 101 training, call the Sturbridge Police Department at 508-347-2525 x318. Appointments are scheduled from 12 to 8 pm and last 45 minutes. The program is free to newly licensed (0-3 years) or permitted drivers, and participants will receive a $15 gas card. For further questions, contact Megan Cooney at 800-342-3859 or mcooney@mcgrathinsurance.com.

*This article is written for informational purposes only and should not be construed as providing legal advice.