Building Safety Codes Protect Communities

Building Safety Codes Protect CommunitiesJust how important should building safety be to our local communities? Would our homes, offices, schools, stores and other structures be able to withstand the destruction from a disaster?

This May marks the 34th annual celebration of Building Safety Month founded by the International Code Council (ICC). By enforcing a higher standard of building codes, the ICC is better-able to protect citizens from disasters like fires, weather-related events and structural collapse.

The educational campaign focuses on increasing the overall safety and sustainability of buildings through the adoption of model building codes and promotion of code enforcement. President Barack Obama stated that building safety, fire prevention and energy codes all play an essential role in decreasing the aftermath and recovery of the Nation after a disaster.

This year’s theme is Building Safety: Maximizing Resilience and Minimizing Risks. Over a span of four weeks, the campaign covered topics directly relating to building codes and safety:

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